Scottish Ale

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Beer Type: Scottish Pale Ale

ABV: 5.4%

IBU: 34

Tasting Notes:  This Old-World pale ale was our first beer, and remains one of our most-enjoyed brews. A classic pale ale taste with undertones of caramel, nuts and anise. Scottish Ale is made in the style of older Scottish brews. We use an Edinburgh Ale yeast strain which is imported directly from the United Kingdom. Four different varieties of malts and hops are used to create this UK-style beer with crystal clear Canadian water.

Scottish Ale pairs well with any food with a high spice or acidity. Drink with your favourite chilli, grilled steak, or an old-age cheddar soup. Replace water in batter with Scottish Ale for a fluffy, true English-style battered fish.

Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast

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